Deposit using Bitcoin at Rich Casino for a 400% Slot Bonus

Deposit using Bitcoin at Rich Casino for a 400 Slot Bonus
If you are a big fan of Bitcoin currency, and we can understand why you would be, then deposit at Rich Casino and get a 400% match deposit slot bonus. The most popular digital currency is accepted at Rich Casino and they are rewarding slot players who use it with a 400% match bonus on their first three deposits they make using Bitcoin.

If you don’t know much about the Bitcoin digital currency, here are some useful tips:

– Bitcoin deposits are safe, secure and quick
– Bitcoin has no country borders so it can be sent anywhere in the world for free and in a matter of seconds
– Bitcoin can be stored in a digital wallet on your phone, tablet or computer
– Paying with Bitcoin is safe, trustworthy, neutral and the protocol cannot be controlled or manipulated by anyone
– It’s easy to buy and you can spend it on anything you can think of
– Each Bitcoin has a detailed history, which makes it almost impossible to counterfeit or replace

How to use Bitcoin?

– Get a Bitcoin wallet
– Purchase Bitcoin using a payment method of your choice
– Once the transaction is complete, your Bitcoin will appear in your wallet and you’re ready to use them

Get a 400% match slot bonuses on your first three Bitcoin deposits today at Rich Casino!

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