Make New Year Resolutions and Reap Rewards at Guts Casino

It may be difficult to keep your New Year’s Resolutions, but at Guts Casino, they are offering you rewards for making and keeping your 2017 resolutions. Starting January 12th 2017, Guts Casino has players collect doughnuts and choose some cheeky New Year’s Resolutions that are easy to keep to then reap free spins and win big at Guts Casino.

All players need to do is play casino games at Guts Casino and progress through 15 levels while making your not so serious New Year’s Resolutions. Free Spins are given to players for choosing fun resolutions. Collect fifteen doughnuts and receive a mystery prize!

As you advance through the levels you will notice your progress bar move along and when it comes to the end you will have earned your doughnut. That’s when you get to pick your resolution which will correspond to a specific Guts Casino game to earn instant free spins on and then move along to the next level for more free spins!

This is a humorous, interactive and fun Resolutions Rewards promotion from Guts Casino. Make your resolutions and reap rewards at Guts Casino!

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