Three no deposit bonus facts you should be aware of


No deposit bonus is counted amongst one of the most sought after and loved online casino promotions in the online casino industry as it allows the new players to avail attractive offers without the need of making any initial deposit. Essentially, it’s a type of welcome bonus that is offered at the time of signup to new players.

When it comes to an online casino, no deposit bonus works as an excellent means to increase its number of players, who might later start playing regularly once they develop a liking for some of the offered games.

Another reason why no deposit bonuses are hugely popular among the masses is because they enable players to get a feel of and check different games offered by an online casino. In case they don’t like the environment and/or the games, they can always switch to another platform without worrying about any initial commitment (that they might have otherwise been asked to pay).

On the other hand, if a player is lucky enough and scores handsome wins using the no deposit bonus amount, he/she just needs to meet certain betting requirements and can then withdraw them easily. As attractive as they might seem, please note, there are certain facts (detailed below) associated with no deposit bonuses you should know before availing them. Most importantly, you should check that the online casino is a reputed one and has a fairly good track record as far as pay-outs are concerned. You wouldn’t want to be left stranded like this 90-year old grandma!!

Maximum wins/withdrawals

Majority of such no deposit bonuses come with a certain maximum amount you can win/withdraw through them. This amount might be very low in some casinos, sometimes even lesser than $50. As is the case with majority of deposit bonuses, the expected value or the equivalent cash amount of any wins made from these bonuses, is normally lower than the general 1:1 value.


If you are allowed to avail other bonuses

Many online casinos place a restriction that once you avail a no deposit bonus, you won’t be allowed to use any other signup bonuses as you would’ve already become a player/customer at the casino by availing the NDB. Please note, whenever you use a deposit bonus as a positive value in your casino account, you are essentially exchanging an expected profit with the possibility of not winning anything.

If there is a must-deposit condition for withdrawals

This one’s an important condition that you must look out for. A large majority of online casinos place a restriction that you must make a certain deposit at their platform in order to withdraw any winnings through a no deposit bonus.

This is understandable as no sensible casino establishment would like people signing up, winning some money (at no risk), withdraw the wins and never returned. Having said that, there are few casinos that might even allow you to cash out your winnings (through no deposit bonus) without the need of making a deposit. Apart from these three, you should also carefully refer to any other restrictions or conditions that a casino might place on such bonuses.

Online gambling industry is expected to be worth $66.59 billion by 2020..

It is only inevitable that online casinos will have to find new ways and means to attract new players to their platforms. However, the onus is entirely on you to decide which bonuses you wish to avail and which not.

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