What are free spins and how do I find the best ones?

Online casinos are plentiful in 2019, thousands or more have flooded the internet in recent years, and as they look to vie for the attention of paying customers they have dreamt up new and enticing ways to attract new gamers and as such free spins have become a vital commodity in the online casino market.

How does it work?

A free spin is one spin of a casino reel that you get for free, it’s a way for you to get to know an online casino brand and, they hope, a chance to keep you playing longer and ideally for you to sign-up and become a paying customer.

The amount of free spins varies wildly and can range from a single spin and on into the hundreds but the key element of all of this that you have to keep in mind is whether you stand to actually win anything from these ‘free’ spins.

What tends to happen is that funds accrued from these ‘free’ spins may well be held back until you deposit a fixed amount of money into your account with the relevant online casino. So in some ways the ‘free’ spins could end up costing you actual money.

The good news is that depending on the number of free spins you’ve been awarded, you could find yourself sitting on a nice nest egg that can be happily used in the online casino, meaning you effectively get to enjoy the online casino entertainment, pretty much for free.

What should I go to get the best free spins?

As there are so many places to go online to find free spins on pokies it’s always best to start your search via a comparison site that shows you the pros and cons of each free spin provider. These services usually outline just what you stand to gain, or lose, from signing up and also shows you what exciting games are on offer, what the betting payment systems in use are as well as relevant territorial restrictions, i.e. areas where the casino game is and isn’t regulated.

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to!

To help you find your way through the maze of online casino providers we’ve drawn up a list of the top three places to go to enjoy the best online casino experiences and more importantly to help you get the most of the free spin action.

Leo Vegas

These guys have been around since 2012 and have steadily grown into one of the best in the business. As reputable as they come and an online casino giant who knows exactly what their customers want. Right now they are offering more than NZ$700 as a welcome bonus and 100 free spins!

Royal Panda

Another long running operator in the field, Royal Panda is a hugely popular player on the online casino scene. They offer hundreds of gaming options that appeal to newcomers and the most experienced players. They are offering a 100% welcome bonus, i.e. they will double the amount you open you account with, as well as 10 extra spins. It doesn’t get much better than that.

888 Casino

Over 20 million registered players enjoy what 888 Casino has to offer, that goes some way to show how respected these guys are. As well as offering the same games that their rivals, 888 Casino also has its own team of developers dreaming up new and exciting ways to entertain you. Right now they are offering a mammoth a welcome bonus of more than NZ$2700! Yes you read that correctly.

Get Playing!

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