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There has been a long-running debate on the merits of playing land-based slots and online casino slots. The desire to provide players with an excellent gaming experience has pushed online slot developers to design, develop and produce a range of themed and branded online slot games. These online slots have provided much entertainment and enjoyment to online slot players the world over. On the other hand, there are still some gamers who are skeptical about playing in online casinos in general and online slots in particular. For this reason, let us provide you with the advantages of playing video slots online.


The most apparent advantage of playing online casino slots is the convenience to a player. Where there is internet connection, a player can readily access his favorite online slot games. Whether one is out for lunch, or at the bus stop, on a train, at the mall, having coffee in a café or even lounging by the pool in some tropical resort, one can play slots online. Yes, it is possible to play slots anywhere, anytime sans the hullabaloo of a land-based casino. Anonymity is also a plus factor. One can play online casino slots without the need to divulge his personal details to be able to enjoy playing online video slots. Safety and security are no concerns as online casinos are encrypted. When making a deposit to play for money, there are plenty of deposit options. When collecting winnings, there are plenty of safe and secure withdrawal options too for players’ convenience.

Slot Game Choices and Availability

There is a wider range of choice of slots to play online compared to the number of slots offered in land-based casinos. Online game developers continue to design and develop online casino slots for gamers. It is easier and definitely less expensive to design an online slot than to build an actual slot machine. Game developers such as Playtech, IGT, Microgaming, NetEnt and more produce at least one online slot monthly. A player does not need for someone to vacate a slot machine in order to play. It does not matter how many are playing a specific online casino slot as the player-slot ratio is 1:1.

Bonuses and Other Rewards

Online casinos offer bonuses and rewards to online slot players. Most online casinos offer various types of bonuses to new players when they sign up. Welcome bonuses, first deposit bonuses, promotional bonuses and the like can be quite generous. Rewards and other incentives are also given to loyal players when they continue to play slots at their favorite online casino. These incentives and rewards can be extra points, free spins or even straight cash. Note that these rewards and bonuses come with the terms and conditions stipulated by a particular online casino.

Higher Payout Percentage

It is a fact that online game developers are able to afford more for players as they have less overhead expenses. Land-based casinos have rent utilities, large number of employees and more, to pay. Because of these, they tend to decrease the payout percentage on slot games. Typically, the payout percentage for land-based slots is from 70% to 80% whereas it is from 92% to 97% for online casino slots.

Playing slots in land-based casinos has its advantages but one should not overlook the many advantages of playing online casinos slots.

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