Arrow’s Edge Software Review


Arrow’s Edge is a fairly new gaming software designer and developer which debuted at Gossip Slots and Drake Casino. Founded only in 2014, the company has quickly established itself as one of the top providers of online gaming technology and software. Its mission of developing high-quality casino games for laptop and desktop players soon expanded into the inclusion of mobile players. Its portfolios include a line of over 20 games for the PC and mobile markets.

Arrow’s Edge Slots

There are two kinds of slots offered by Arrow’s Edge. The first type of slot is under the Super Slots menu wherein games feature opening animations, creative bonus games, and fun graphic animations and sounds. These games require a Java plug-in.

The second type of slot is under the Cash Grab Slots menu. The graphics and general vibe of these games are akin to the 70’s home entertainment game system. The retro look may or may not suit all players.

Table Games

Table games offered by Arrow’s Edge look like remnants of 2000’s Java casinos. The graphics and sounds are not the only ones dated, but the general genre of the game selection itself. Offered are Caribbean Stud Poker, Casino War, Red Dog, Let it Ride and more table games that are no longer being offered by most online casinos. Also offered are craps, blackjack and roulette.

Standard Blackjack rules apply. They are: six decks used, dealer stands on soft 17, dealer peeks for blackjack, double after split is not allowed, player may only double on 10 and 11, surrender is not allowed, and a player may re-split our hands but aces may be split only once.

Standard Baccarat rules are observed where the tier bet pays the stingy 8 to 1 odds. Though the rules do not indicated the number of decks, it is assumed that there are 8 decks where the house edge on every bet is player at 1.24%; banker at 1.06% and tie is at 14.36%.

Craps make use of the standard stingy American odds where only 2x odds on line bets and the hop odds adopt the stingy 15/30 to 1. Somehow, placing the odds on “do not pass” and “do not come bets lesser then $5” is not doable. The “clear table” or “collect winnings” button when pressed after a win could very well place any winnings on the next roll.

Other games are roulette and variants of poker such as video poker, poker jack, pai gow poker and Caribbean stud poker.

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