Skillzz Gaming

Skillzz Gaming is a newcomer to the world of online gaming, but one which promises to have a major impact on the way we think about real money gambling. If you haven’t had the chance to play any Skillzz Gaming slots yet, then read on to find out why they are definitely offering something completely different.

Skillzz Gaming Slots

Skillzz Gaming is part of the growing movement towards ‘gamification’ of the online casino industry. In other words, they take examples of games from the social gaming world, and transform them to real money gambling products. Only in business since 2014, this games provider has a very limited selection of games available at the moment, but expect that to change in the very near future. Having gained a UK licence and had their games showcased by major online gaming sites like Lottoland and Foxy Bingo, the future looks very bright for this new developer.

Skillzz Gaming stand out in a crowded market because their games feature an element of skill and replicate the look and feel of casual mobile games.

Fruit Blast

If you are a fan of the Candy Crush game then you will know what to expect from this fruity game from Skillzz. This game is set in a cocktail bar, where a friendly bartender overlooks proceedings. You score points by clicking on clusters of the same type of fruit, and the more you collect per spin, the greater your winnings. As you score to collect stars, you level up to unlock new bartenders and different bonuses, making this the type of game you just won’t be able to put down.

Gems Odyssey

Again, this game closely resembles a popular social game: this time the always-popular Bejeweled. In Gems Odyssey, you are collecting clusters of three or more jewels of the same colour. As you collect points from your wins you will move up to a higher level, where you will receive a reward based on the number of crystal shards you have collected on your journey. As you can choose which cluster to remove first, there is an element of strategic planning which adds an extra layer of fun to this game.

Mega Money Rush

Mega Money Rush is a racing game where you collect coins, treasure chests and shields while trying to avoid the obstacles in your way. Once more, it is a type of game which will be immediately familiar to anyone who has played a racing game on their phone. This game is a whole lot of fun, and challenging enough to reward repeated play. As with the previous games, Skillzz Gaming uses the level up feature to allow you to experience different racing environments with increased bonuses on offer.

At the moment Skillzz Gaming only has three games to its name, but this will surely change quickly in the months and years to come. These skill-based games have already proved to be hugely popular, and we expect to see many more of them appearing in online casinos.

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