Handicapping Fresh Horse Racers In Belmont Stakes Betting

Handicapping Fresh Horse Racers In Belmont Stakes Betting

The grandest horse racing season in the United States which is the Triple Crown Series will start very soon. This is one of the biggest horse racing showdown you can find at any given country. The Triple Crown Series is composed of three major racing tournaments kicked-off by the Kentucky Derby, followed by the Preakness Stakes, and ceased by the Belmont Stakes.

While Kentucky and Preakness are expected to be attended by a lot of horse racing enthusiasts as they are going to set the mood of the Triple Crown show, the Belmont Stakes is the most exciting leg of the said series because it is where the Triple Crown winner will be determined. The Belmont Stakes serves as the most thrilling leg of the Triple Crown showdown.

Furthermore, you may also observe that some entries present in the Belmont Stakes are those horse racers joining both the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes. While this may be true, you may also see a lot of fresh entries that comes fully conditioned and might be a possible Triple Crown winner. For most bettors, they might want to try betting for these fresh horses giving them a chance to win than betting the ones who took part in the previous two legs. If you’re a better and wants a full understanding on how to handicap these fresh Belmont Stakes entries, here are the questions you might need to gauge before you wage for them.

Why They’re Not Present In Kentucky And Preakness?

As you take a quick look back in Belmont Stakes history, you’ll be able to identify those horse entries joining this horse racing event are composed of fresh and veteran horse racers. You might think that Belmont Stakes can only be graced by Kentucky and Preakness entries. Take note that as long as the horse racer will meet the requirements set by the racing committee, then they are able to partake in a major racing showdown.

Besides, the only main reason why a thoroughbred horse racer wasn’t present in Kentucky and Preakness is that he might not be ready to take the race, his earnings are not enough to meet the requirements of the racing event, or nonetheless he is not yet fully equipped with racing skills he should need to cope up in the race. If you are handicapping a fresh horse racer in the Belmont Stakes, you should first understand the reason why they were not present in two major legs. Lastly, their absence in Kentucky and Preakness doesn’t mean you have to consider them less competent in Belmont Stakes.

When Was His Last Race?

As mentioned, in some cases where a fresh horse racer in the Belmont Stakes wasn’t able to make it the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes because he did not meet the requirements, this deems a reason for that horse racer to undergo a long layoff. As a handicapper, you need to make sure that before you bet for this horse you’ll understanding his capability of handling this kind of situation and able to make good use of the long idle days which may be spent for thorough training.

Who Were His Competitors?

When you are handicapping a fresh horse entry like in Belmont Stakes, it is best that you set aside asking yourself who were the previous competitors of this specific horse racer. You should not rely on who he raced against as this might not help you betting game in the long run.

The best thing that you can do to make sure that you are handicapping the right fresh horse entry in Belmont Stakes is to find time in researching his running records. You can either check how far can he run, how well does he perform inside the race track, and how much he can do to make it to the finish line with flying colors. A fresh horse entry with an impressive previous racing record would be more likely considered to be handicapped in the Belmont Stakes.

Lastly, if you are satisfied with his records, you can further assess using your personal criteria if he’s something that suits your betting taste. Apply your betting skill and imagine how they will be able to step up in the final leg of the Triple Crown Series.

Is He Good Enough To Beat The Kentucky And Preakness Champs?

Well, handicapping fresh horses to bet for the Belmont Stakes is not a bad choice. That said, he will face a challenge of beating other fresh horse entries in the said racing showdown. Not only that, but his biggest challenge is also edging those veteran entries from Kentucky and Preakness Stakes. This entails a more difficult job for you to fulfill as a handicapper.

On the other hand, if you are able to assess as a handicapper if these fresh horse entry can clinch the Triple Crown, then there should be no problem at all.

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