How to spend the time before the NFL season? With a Touchdown!


The NFL is still firmly in the midst of its off-season as the New England Patriots continue to enjoy their third Super Bowl in five years before the regular season starts in September.

For American football fans, looking to make some money before the season gets under way, you have a few options.

One is to get in early on the futures betting markets ahead of the 2019/20 NFL season. Among the markets offered before the season starts on September 8, which include gambling on the NFL Superbowl favorites and various player achievement markets.

Unsurprisingly, the Patriots are the early favorites to win the big prize again! As things stand, they are closely followed by the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints. Pay close attention to some of the outsiders in the preseason, since it will open your perspectives of cashing higher prizes.

However, there is a more immediate way to channel your love of the NFL into potential winnings, and that is with the Touchdown slots game!

Created by Win A Day Casino, Touchdown is a 7-payline, 5-reel instant play casino slot game catered for all slot machine players, but especially for fans of American football.

Typical American football gear like balls, and helmets, as well as players and cheerleaders make up the Touchdown symbols while bold and bright colors make the game engaging during play. It is lots of fun and adrenaline and you will feel indeed like an athlete trying to align the slots in order to perform the wanted TOUCHDOWN!

The game is ideal for both beginners and players looking for a simple, uncluttered slot game. Minimum bets begin at 2 cents and go up to 20 cents, while players can wager as many as 35 coins per spin. Players can claim payouts from Touchdown once you get three consecutive Footballs, Helmets, players, cheerleaders, or high card symbols.

If you land five Cheerleaders on any one reel, you will receive 300 times your original bet, while the biggest payout comes from when you land five Players. If you are in a lucky streak and land this, then you will get back 500 times your original bet! It’s like doing a perfect game in Bowling, with 12 strikes in a row.

Touchdown offers plenty of potential free spin opportunities, although there is no wild symbol in the game. The free spins can help increase your overall winnings without spending any extra money on spins. When you receive three free spins during a game, Touchdown will actually provide five free spins. What about that?

Meanwhile, if you land a free spin symbol during a free spin bonus game, you will then get another additional totally free spin. There is a maximum of 20 free spins that can be won in a single round.

Touchdown has also received favorable reviews, while the fact that it has been created by a reputable slots company like Win A Day means it is sure to be a good quality game.

However, hold your horses, since Touchdown is a game for low rollers so do not expect to get rich from it. Nonetheless it is still about having fun with American football features and free spins. The game it is surely able to keep you entertained for plenty of time.

How much time, you may ask? Well, there is plenty of time before the start of the new NFL season – the 100th one – so Touchdown can help fill the void and pass the time before the big kick off! Meanwhile, check the draft and the brackets, pack the beers in the fridge and get ready for another semester packed of highlights from the most exciting American sport.

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