Online Casino Tournaments

Tournaments are held by online casinos as a means for its players not only to win big without depleting their bankroll, but also for fun, entertainment and amity with other players. Slots tournaments are the most popular type enjoyed by players, but other tournaments such as poker and blackjack are offered by most online casinos too.

Poker Tournament

A poker tournament is where poker players compete to win the top prize. A tournament may be played on a single table of only two players, or a hundreds or even thousands of tables with hundreds or thousands of players. An entry fee is paid to enter a tournament. A specified number of no-monetary value chips are given to each registered player. No matter how many players there are, the winner of a poker tournament is the player who wins all poker chips in the game. Other players are given prizes based on when they were eliminated.

Slots Tournament

Online slot tournaments facilitate for slot players to play against each other to win money. The idea is for registered players to “play” their preferred slots and spin! Each time a player wins, he received points. The idea of the slots tournaments is to spin and win. The more points a player gathers, the higher his rank, the more chances of winning the tournament. A player has to pay an entry fee to join the tournament. Not all slots tournaments have the same rules, so it is best to find out the rules and regulations first before paying the entry fee.

Blackjack Tournament

Entry fees for blackjack tournaments usually go to the prize pool, with the sponsoring casino getting a small percentage from the entry fees. All registered/paid players are entitled to receive a starting stack which is a specified number of chips. These chips have no monetary value but just the same are used as normal blackjack chips.

There are several types of blackjack tournaments e.g., single table, multi-table, elimination, non-elimination, sit and go, freeroll and more. A blackjack tournament may take place over one round or multiple rounds, with each round being played over a fixed period of time, or a fixed number of hands. Though each round is played as a regular blackjack game, the order of play (who goes first for each round) changes for each round. If the tournament is single round, the chips are counted at the end of the game. The player position in the game is based on the number of chips he has. Multiple rounds tournaments basically work on the same principle but those with the lowest number of chips are eliminated to join the next round. The prize may be distributed to players based on the structure of the payout.

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