Types of Video Poker

Video poker is a simple but fun to play little game that combines the excitements of slots and classic card games. It came around the time when first arcade games were gaining popularity, and its development has been largely determined by technology. Today, the game holds unequivocal position among entertainment offer in both, land-based casinos and internet, still having pretty much the same basic principle behind the whole concept.

It obviously derives from regular poker, precisely the classic Five Card Draw variant. It is in fact the simplified version of it. The classic card game clearly has a longer history, being around for quite some time. Nowadays, both of them maintain strong presence across the internet. There are plenty of sites that offer playing online poker for money, with different variations of it, some quite complex. While video poker is much less complicated, there are still some types to be distinguished. The objective in general is to achieve the highest ranked card set, just as the universal poker rules state. Potential pay outs depend mostly on the game kind and operator’s approach to the matter.

The absolute standard for video poker, the one that can be most commonly spotted wherever the game is available to play, is Jacks or Better. This is a good option for beginners who just wants to see what the fuss is all about. As the name implies, your outcome has to be Jacks or higher to be able to receive a prize, which is usually the amount you invested for the round in the first place. The basic optimal strategy in this case is pretty straightforward and involves some intuitional moves such as drawing one card with two pairs on hand, or trying to complete a flush when we have one or two pieces missing, and clearly holding on to the whole set with straights, flushes, full houses and four of a kinds.

The close second in popularity is probably Deuces Wild. This fun twist is based on the assumption that twos are wild, which means they can substitute any other card in the deck in order to make the best hand possible. Since the probability of scoring some high paying cards is increased, the pay table starts at three of a kind. Another similar concept is being used in Joker Poker where the deck contains 53 cards to make room for special joker card that works as wild. Other ideas largely consist in some sort of version of the basic Jacks or Better, sometimes with bonus propositions that offer higher prizes for certain specific outcomes, such as four aces or similar big hands. There are also quite a few low-paying games with reduced risk and much less chances for spectacular win.

The list of video poker variations could go on further, and slots providers can always come up with a new take on the subject. Even with something as uncomplicated as the one here. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled for the new and interesting examples of this simple and enjoyable game.


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