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Every online player faces a dilemma on how to determine whether a casino is good or not. If you search for online casinos with 10 minimum deposit you will get a lot of results from sites which promote various casinos. They claim that these online casinos with 10 minimum deposit are the best in the industry, but you can never be sure that they really are. You can also find tons of casino reviews, but you won’t know whether they are real or fake. So you need to know how to determine for yourself whether some slot site is good or not. In this article I will show you how to do that.

The Golden Rule for slots

If you’re a slots fan and want to make a bigger deposit to play the games, then it’s very important not to take the welcome bonus at the casino. Why? Well simply because bonuses are there to increase your starting balance so you can place bigger bets on the games and win bigger in return. This works great is you make a minimum deposit 10 or 20, but if you deposit 100 or more there is no need to claim a bonus. This way you will avoid having to meet the wagering requirement and you can play all of the casino games on any bet you like. When it comes to new casinos it’s always a good idea to first make a minimum deposit 10 and try the casino for real play.

Why is the minimum deposit important?

Playing at online casinos with 10 minimum deposit is the best way to get a feel of the casino without risking too much real money. If you play slots at casinos with thousands of Euros or even deposit 100 at a time, it’s always a good idea to test the casino first with a minimum deposit. You won’t take any deposit bonus so you can play a few spins at online casinos with 10 minimum deposit and after that you can withdraw to see how it goes.

Why is this important? Well, like we said earlier, if you play with big deposits at slot sites you don’t want to risk a lot of money only to find out that the casino you are playing at is not up to your standard. So by making a minimum deposit 10 you can check every aspect of the casino. For example:

• You can get a feel of the games since you’re playing for real money.
• See if all software providers are available for real play. At some casinos certain providers may be blocked due to country restrictions.
• Check the withdrawal timeframe firsthand.
• After your deposit see how often the casino will send you bonus promos to play again. Most good casinos send 1-2 bonuses per week, while the not so good casinos once a month or even less.


You may think that playing slots at online casinos is very easy. In general it is. All you need to do is create an account, make a deposit and start playing the games. If you win you make a withdrawal and wait for your winnings to be processed. But in reality you can come across many problems which you didn’t anticipate. For example a casino might offer fast payouts, but the account verification period can be very long. You might deposit with a Credit/Debit Card, but you will need to use some other payment method for your withdrawal. So in order to learn everything about the casino and save yourself from unnecessary frustrations, first make a minimum deposit 10 and after you’re happy with everything you can play with higher deposits.

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